sobota, 25 maja 2013

14.05.2013 Opening the spring parcel from Turkey

We have finally opened the spring parcel that we got from Turkey. It travelled with us a long way back from Piatra Neamt so we were really excited to see what was inside. We were surprised to see the beautiful flowers and photos. We liked the recipe book a lot; we will publish photos if we decide to cook something from your book ;) The presents for individual students were great. We loved the Turkish sweets. Thank you :*
 Martyna is fighting to open the box

Michał is showing his airport luggage check souvenir

The inside of the parcel. It looked amazing :)

Kuba and his present

Agata and Kacper

Reading the recipes

Beautiful photos

Ola likes her present

The girls are happy both with the photo and the scarf


Polish girls love flowers

Agata, Karolina and Martyna

Thank you so much for wonderful presents :)

Third meeting in Piatra Neamt, Romania

The first days of May were amazing! We had a chance to meet again with the students from all the countries from our Comenius programme in Romania. Piatra Neamt and the people we met there were wonderful. The students there are extremely talented. It was fantastic to witness you working on some works of art or practising :) The concert was extraordinary as well. We saw a lot of places and we liked everything. Thank you a lot for organizing such a wonderful time. See you back in Poland!

Agata, Megan and Michał starting the long trip to Piatra Neamt

The hosting school

The poster with small flags of the countries was awesome

Everything on its place, good job!

The first day, the official part of the meeting

Touring the school


... and watching the Romanian students working hard!

Traditional food

Megan fighting with heat

Polish teachers with a dedicaion for Mustafa

Piatra Neamt sightseeing

Dancing on the top of the hill. What was the song?

Agata and Megan found out a lot about the Romanian clothes

Michał is making friends

Time to relax

The beginning of a wonderful performance

It was extraordinary

Touring the museums
Visiting the castle

We found something Polish in Romanian castle

It was completely surprising to see the dancers :)

And their clothes were really cool

Agata and Megan have tried them out

On the top of the dam

After shopping for "traditional" Romanian hats

The boys and their styles

sobota, 13 kwietnia 2013

Spring parcel

We are waiting impatiently for receiving the spring parcel. We have also prepared and sent the one with sweets, hand-made cards and other surprises. We hope you are going to like it!

Ola is writing the Easter wishes

We are carefully putting the gifts into the box

Hand made cards :)