sobota, 25 maja 2013

14.05.2013 Opening the spring parcel from Turkey

We have finally opened the spring parcel that we got from Turkey. It travelled with us a long way back from Piatra Neamt so we were really excited to see what was inside. We were surprised to see the beautiful flowers and photos. We liked the recipe book a lot; we will publish photos if we decide to cook something from your book ;) The presents for individual students were great. We loved the Turkish sweets. Thank you :*
 Martyna is fighting to open the box

Michał is showing his airport luggage check souvenir

The inside of the parcel. It looked amazing :)

Kuba and his present

Agata and Kacper

Reading the recipes

Beautiful photos

Ola likes her present

The girls are happy both with the photo and the scarf


Polish girls love flowers

Agata, Karolina and Martyna

Thank you so much for wonderful presents :)

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