niedziela, 2 grudnia 2012

First meeting in Trebisacce, Italy

Last week we could meet the other students from  the Comenius project for the first time in Trebisacce. It is a town in the south of Italy with wonderful atmosphere and breathtaking views. Angelika, Ola and Martyna could meet a lot of interesting students from Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, Greece and Romania. They presented some information about Poland, Zabrze and our school as well as Polish folk music. They learned about other countries. They had an occasion to try the traditional Italian meals. We hope that we would meet again soon!

The first day at school
First meetings

The first group photo

Angelika presents her tennis skills

Ola and Martyna visit one of the school's labs

Meeting the Trebisacce local government

A surprising trip around the town

A break next to the sea

Martyna, Ola and Angelika present Poland, Zabrze and our school

A folk music band in Bisignano

Martyna and Ola with Miss Bernadetta

The girls with the Hungarian team

The girls with the Romanian team

The girls with the Spanish team

The girls with the Turkish team

The girls with the Greek team

The tired girls make funny faces

The (almost)cooking activity

The buffet with traditiolan food

Angelika presents the Polish song

A short day in Rome

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